Note that:

- Fish Unchained will boost LFW Ecosystem, as well as LFW token utility.

- Legend of Fantasy War players and their NFTs will play an important role in every corner of our LFW Ecosystem.

#1 How Fish Unchained rewards the worthy gunners?

To simplify everything, Stable coin USDT is used to buy the NFTs and also to reward players who win PVP matches, which take place in the Tournament Mode.

#2 How do I get rewards?

In a PVP match, there are four gunners. When the match ends, the two gunners with the highest scores win and receive their rewards in USDT.

#3 How much can I receive?

Considering you’re a skillful gunner and win a majority of your PVP matches, you are likely to receive DOUBLE OF WHAT YOU PAY in around 5 DAYS! If you use LFW, the rewards would come faster.

Figure: Fish Unchained Mechanism

#4 How to join PVP matches?

Here is a few things that can increase your efficiency:

4. Try to use your bullets wisely and aim carefully to get as much gold as possible

#5 Skills System!

Mr.Poseidon listens to the community about the difficulty of aiming and shooting in the Beta Test. So Mr.Poseidon decided to create an auto fire function and 3 special skills to help you have a higher chance of winning.

#6 Referral System!

03 step to get attractive rewards with referral link:

#7 A few important notes!

Join game here!

About Fish Unchained

Fish Unchained is a perfect place for those who hate fish, or love them, whatever… Well, essentially, players buy a gun and shoot the living out of the fish in the game for a bunch of rewards, which only winners can take. So… are you good at shooting stuff or just a sucker at aiming? We don’t know, go prove it here!


About LFW Ecosystem

LFW Ecosystem — formerly known as Legend of Fantasy War, consisting of LFW Game Hub and Linked Finance World (DEX/ Launchpad).

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